About Us

We Serve Home Cooked Breakfast Daily. Why Do We Do What We Do? (Glad you asked) We inspire positivity through love by doing what we love for whom we love where we love!

On October 1, 2015, we opened our doors to serve a good home cooked breakfast to the community.  That vision of just serving breakfast has expanded to not only serving good food, but inspiring love that goes with good food.  Centrally located in Gary, Indiana at 3669 Broadway just blocks from I-65 or I-80/94 and minutes from Indiana University Northwest.  Our menu ranges from simple breakfast tastes to more southern inspired dishes that feel good in the tummy and that stirs the soul including dinners on Sundays

Great Food * Awesome Service * Loving Environment


My name is Joslyn RW Kelly.  J's Breakfast Club just didn't happen, it happened justly.  I accepted the challenge to serve and thank all for allowing me to love, live and serve our many customers.


 The Who in making it happen does not belong to just one individual.  But in fact is a collaboration of a crew where everyone plays a part to make it happen.  And J's Breakfast Club has the best Team ever! 


 We are located in the University Park area of Gary, Indiana at 3669 Broadway.  We open daily at 6am and are open until 2pm, except for Sundays when we close at 5pm. 

Call Us Today 219-455-6959

Inspiring Positivity Through Love!!!